Injection Foam Insulation Company

We specialize in premium block wall insulation, sloped ceiling insulation and sound control for homeowners and businesses in the state of Arizona.

We’ve serviced clients statewide--from Costco in Paradise Valley to Bank of America in Tucson, from Arcadia High School in Phoenix to Joanne’s in Yuma.  Leaving a trail of satisfied customers all across the state and back again.

We've been insulating Arizona homes and businesses since 1998. In addition, Thermal Advantage has been a member of the Arizona Registrar of Contractors since 1998.

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Did you know about the Insulation Tax Credit?

Arizona homeowners may be able to claim 30% of their projects cost.

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Energy Efficiency. It’s become one of the most important buzzwords in industrial, commercial, and even residential construction. Contractors are always looking for ways to lower energy costs for their customers. That is where Thermal Advantage comes in. But it’s not all commercial and industrial.  Our customers include:
  • Homeowners
    • Desiring to lower their utility bill
    • Reduce outside noise pollution
    • Reduce inside living space noise between rooms
  • Architects & Builders
    • Include long lasting wall insulation in their new projects
    • Build homes that are energy efficiency and ensure quiet living

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Foam insulation adds nearly five times the R-value to block walls by filling all voids in the block (including joints between blocks) to boost the insulation value. An existing masonry home with little or no insulation in the exterior walls can easily be retrofitted with foam insulation, thus greatly enhancing the home's comfort and energy efficiency.

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Foam insulation adds nearly five times the R-value to masonry walls by filling all voids in the block (including joints between blocks) to boost insulation values. Foam insulation is excellent for new and retrofit construction projects. The costs are typically the same or less than loose-fill insulation with a greater R-value and less construction time.

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Rosie on the House Certified Partner

For nearly three decades, Rosie on the House has been the go-to home improvement resource for Arizona residents. Rosie on the House protects, informs and entertains Arizonans with its statewide weekend radio program, weekly newspaper columns, trusted referral network (electrical, plumbing, painting, air conditioning, roofing, etc.), and the State's largest collection of do-it-yourself articles, tips and advice found on the web at Their syndicated weekend radio program, heard every Saturday morning in Phoenix, Tucson, Green Valley, Prescott, Flagstaff and Sedona, is the most popular program of its kind in Arizona.

Rosie on the House first developed its referral network by ensuring that Certified Partners are the very best-of-the-best. Each Rosie-Certified Partner undergoes a complete and thorough background check, must have worked in their specialty for at least five years, has demonstrated a commitment to their community, demonstrates excellent customer service, and has earned respect among their peers and competitors. All network members must have good credit records and be in good standing with the Arizona Registrar of Contractors. Thermal Advantage is proud to be a Rosie on the House Certified Partner.

Listen below to hear from another satisfied Arizona customer, that heard about us through Rosie on the House.

Listen to an excerpt from Rosie on the House broadcasting from the Tucson Convention Center Fall 2022 Home Show. A listener called in regarding how best to insulate her block house that had no insulation. Find out why they recommended Thermal Advantage to this listener.

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