"Overall it's doing really well. We noticed a difference right away. The last few days have been brutal but the insulation is keeping it manageable with just a couple hours of AC as opposed to running the AC 24/7 last summer.

So far we can get through most of the day without even turning on the AC. The house holds its temperature much longer. Even when we do turn on the AC at night to take the edge off it's only for about an hour or less. Then it holds a cool temp through the night. And mornings are not as cold. Overall It seems to have evened out the temperature swings."

Bishop, Los Angeles
"I already noticed last weekend my sons room was far more comfortable!  The wall that wasn't in direct sun (uninsulated) was hotter than most spots on the side facing the sun (insulated)!"
Frank, Santa Ana

"Brody was very professional and got the entire job done in one day. He communicated really well and the yard was cleaner when he left than when he arrived.

I had a few nail heads pop out in drywall (warned about this in advance). Those were fixed with no additional charge.

The house is cooler- still need air conditioning on warm days, but it cools faster and more efficiently. As a great side effect, street noise is reduced by the added insulation."

Mike, Costa Mesa
"Downstairs is much cooler and the temp difference between upstairs and downstairs dropped a decent amount."
Scott, La Mesa
"The house was super quiet this morning, I slept like a rock. Thanks again."
Jim, San Diego