Did you know about the Insulation Tax Credit?

California homeowners may be able to claim 30% of their projects cost.
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Specializing in Injection Foam Insulation Since 1998

We specialize in insulating existing home walls that are poorly insulated using foam insulation injection. Foam insulation is injected directly through the wall surface, where it fills in closed cavities, providing superior insulation.

Experience improved energy efficiency, enhanced temperature comfort and sound reduction with foam insulation injection.

Simple 3 Step Process: Drill, Inject & Patch

Experience the Thermal Advantage in your home.  Most projects can be completed within 1 Day.
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Thermal Advantage of California is a Southern California based home insulation company specializing in wall insulation for residential homes.  We address the issue of un-insulated or poorly insulated walls by injecting non-expanding, non-toxic InsulSmart MH® foam into the existing wall cavities. Click here to view a manufacturer video about the advantages of InsulSmart foam.

As utility costs continue to rise and more homeowners add air-conditioning to their homes, the importance of having your home well insulated has never been greater.

What Our Customers Are Saying

"They did our in-wall spray foam insulation. Everything was done within 6 hours for our 1000 sq ft home. They explained all different types of insulation and helped us to understand which one fits our needs the most. With the current tax credits for 2023, and electric and gas prices going up, I think it only makes sense to get your walls insulated. And I highly recommend these guys!"
Adem, San Diego, CA
"Our old house had no insulation. Thermal Advantage came out and insulated our entire house in one day. They even did it while we were out of town. We came back to a fully insulated home. All done thru the exterior and no mess inside the home. Would highly recommend."
Ashly, Oceanside, CA

"Great price, service, and results. I was able to get a quote over the phone and schedule quickly. I'm thrilled with the results and hardly have a need for air conditioning.

I wish I had contacted Thermal Advantage sooner."

Gabrielle, Chula Vista, CA
Watch a brief video on our 3 Step Process.

Why Choose Injection Foam?

  • Increased R-Value

  • Reduced utility bills

  • Increased comfort

  • Reduces outside noise

  • Less dust

  • Fewer Pests